Success story: Starting your podcast management business as a subcontractor with Marcie Paige

I am really excited to share today’s episode! My guest today is my podcast manager, Marcie Paige. If it surprises you that I have a podcast manager, it really shouldn’t. Podcasters are not able to get much done if they don’t have a podcast manager, myself included. So, Marcie is that person for me.

Marcie and I have known each other for two years and she was the very first person to enrol in my program back when it was called Podcast Manager Jumpstart. Today, you will hear that story from Marcie, as well as her story of becoming a virtual assistant, then niching down to podcast management, landing a role as a subcontractor and what she did after getting that experience.

Marcie Paige is a podcast producer and strategist for coaches and course creators who don’t have the time (or technical skills) to edit and manage their own podcast. She goes beyond basic editing and her obsession is and making sure you show up perfectly – while also handling all the details and moving pieces, so you can get organized and have someone to hold you accountable.

When she’s not managing her clients podcasts, you’ll find her in the kitchen batching paleo freezer meals, binge-watching the latest Netflix TV drama series, or sipping on a seasonal Starbucks latte while managing her YNAB budget. Marcie is also a wife and mom to 2 entrepreneurial teenage daughters!

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In this episode about starting a podcast management business as a subcontractor, we cover:

  • How Marcie started her podcast management business as a subcontractor
  • The skills and experience you gain working as a subcontractor
  • What do podcasters look for in a podcast manager?
  • The value of good content editing skills
  • Do you need to be detail oriented to be a podcast manager?
  • and, Lauren’s Certificate of Completion program

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