Success story: How Stephanie Judice built her profitable podcast management business

Today I’m chatting with one of my podcast management students, Stephanie Judice, on how she built her booming profitable podcast management business. There are some awesome takeaways throughout this episode and I hope you feel inspired by her story and see how possible it is, for YOU.

Stephanie Judice is a podcast manager and launch consultant for female coaches, consultants and course creators. With a knack for project management, organization, and design, Stephanie found her calling when one of her clients decided to start a podcast. She asked Stephanie to help and the rest is history.

Stephanie works behind the scenes to make sure her client’s podcasts are released into the world every week without a hitch, saving her clients time (and frustration!) while helping them to connect with their audience and grow their business. She believes that podcasting is one of the best ways coaches and consultants can showcase their expertise and bring in new clients and customers.

Away from work, Stephanie enjoys spending time outdoors with her two boys, enjoying a glass of wine on the back porch with her hubby, or snuggling up with a warm coffee and a good book.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Stephanie started her podcast management business
  • Tools and resources Stephanie used to learn podcast management skills
  • Where Stephanie found her first podcast management client
  • How to stand out from other podcast managers when reaching out to potential clients
  • and, how to structure your podcast management business and what task you can potentially outsource

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