Success Story: From Massage Therapist to Podcast Manager with Ashley Hiatt

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Today we get to talk to Ashley Hiatt, a podcast manager working with health and wellness businesses. Ashley is sharing with us how she went from massage therapist to virtual assistant to podcast management. You get to hear how she landed her first client and how her business has progressed over the years. Ashley also shares what this business has afforded her, and some of the things she likes most about her podcast management business. We discuss going all in on podcast management, the power of networking, raising your prices, and adding video to your client’s podcasts.

Ashley Hiatt supports her client’s passions through systems, organization, and behind-the-scenes planning. She specially loves to work with people who have never had a podcast before and help them find their voice. She has worked in the service industry since she was 16, provided customer service and planning for NASA, and has owned her own business, Hiatt Lymphatics and Oncology Massage. Helping others succeed and feel taken care of is the main driver in her life.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Ashley got started freelancing and working online
  • How having a podcast manager removes the barriers to getting your voice and message heard
  • Finding your niche in podcast management and attracting the clients you want
  • How Ashley found her first and second clients
  • Going all in on podcast management vs a VA/podcast hybrid
  • Taking it slow in your business vs letting fear holding you back
  • Raising your prices
  • Networking with people who know more than you, and sharpening your skills
  • How you can build your confidence in your skills and business
  • Learning and utilizing new skills without going to college
  • Subcontracting as a way to moving towards becoming a podcast manager
  • Ashley’s goals for her business in the next few years
  • and, The future of adding video to your client’s podcasts

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