Success Story: Going all in on Podcast Management with Sara Whittaker

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Today I am talking to Sara Whittaker about her journey from teacher to virtual assistant, to podcast manager, to agency owner and course creator. This is a story that spans multiple years. If you’re curious on what it looks like to become a podcast manager, Sara’s story is going to be very impactful. In this episode Sara and I talk about her success story as a podcast manager. We discuss how she landed her first client, what her business looked like in the early days, and what it looks like now. We also talk about finding your niche as a podcast manager, developing a positive mindset around your business, and the joy in the flexibility and choice of working from home.

Sara Whittaker is an elementary school teacher turned podcast strategist, course creator, and the founder of Podcasting for Educators. She and her team help TpT authors and other online educators launch, manage and grow their podcasts. She loves continuing to serve teachers by helping her clients get their knowledge, expertise, and guidance into the ears of those who need it most! Sara hosts her own podcast, Podcasting for Educators, where she shares new podcasting tips every Wednesday. She is also on my team as Director of Customer Success, and helps me in supporting our students as they start and grow their podcast management businesses.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Sara first started working online and her journey from VA to podcast manager
  • Sara’s favorite thing to do as a podcast manager
  • How Sara landed her first podcast manager client
  • The biggest benefits of working with niche clients
  • Overcoming fears and going all in with a niche
  • How to continue on with your business when you are in a low spot or a negative head space
  • Developing an abundance mindset when looking for clients
  • The importance of community, groups, and finding connections with others in the podcast management space
  • The flexibility and perks of working from home as a podcast manager
  • Being in the driver’s seat of your own schedule and time
  • and, Sara’s goals for her business in the future

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