Success Story: Hannah Clark’s path from RN to Podcast Manager

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When you’re starting a business, you’ve got to go All In. If you want to land clients as a podcast manager and see results, there’s nothing like having your full attention focused on the goals you’ve set. My guest today, Hannah Clark, shares her story of becoming a Podcast Manager, almost quitting, and coming back strong! Hannah and I talk about putting in the work when it comes to your business and learning to trust your gut. We discuss how she balances work while raising a toddler and what she likes best about podcast management. Hannah also tells me how she landed 3 clients in 30 days!

Hannah Clark is a Podcast Manager, Christian, wife of 7 years, mama to a 2 year old little boy, and of course a podcast junkie! She loves listening to podcasts and being able to help clients with one of her favorite things. When she’s not building her business, she loves to spend time with her family (especially outdoors), reading a good book, or baking!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Starting out as a Virtual Assistant before niching down
  • What you need to do to land clients as a podcast manager
  • What listening to her intuition did for Hannah
  • Pushing yourself to follow through
  • Going back to basics and doing the things you KNOW you need to do
  • Where Hannah found her clients as a podcast manager
  • What you can (and can’t!) work on with a toddler around
  • The benefits of twice-a-month clients
  • and, achieving your goals and setting new ones

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