Success Story: How Kim Barbieri started and scaled her podcast management business

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In today’s Success Story episode, I talk to Kim Barbieri about her journey from a nine to five, to podcast management and how she continues to grow her business. We talk about how her business grew from one to eight clients (and beyond) in two years. Kim is so honest about the fears and hesitations around starting a podcast management business. The can be many highs and lows when you get started, no matter what stage your business is in.

Kim shares with us how she found her niche, using A.I. as a tool for your client, and the power of referrals. We also discuss when and how to outsource some of your management tasks while maintaining your income goals. Finally we discuss boosting your confidence in your skills and recognizing the freedoms that freelance can provide in your personal life.

Before becoming a podcast manager Kim Barbieri was a teacher, Virtual Assistant, and Social Media Manager. For over 2 years, Kim has helped female coaches launch and manage their podcasts. Kim’s favorite part about podcast management is the incredible women she gets to work with and helping to spread their messages for so many to hear.

When Kim isn’t working on podcasts, you can find her going for walks or playing board games with her husband and kids, strolling the aisles of Target with a coffee in hand, or catching up on one of her favorite TV shows.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Kim got started in the online freelance space and started a podcast management business
  • The pros and cons of moving from social media management to podcast management
  • Creating and repurposing content in your client’s voice
  • Using A.I. as a tool to begin your client’s show notes
  • Overcoming hesitations to niche down in podcast management
  • The power of referrals in finding new clients
  • Finding your client representation niche and being open for that niche to change
  • How Kim found her first client and how the package and prices have changed in two years
  • How many hours Kim works in a week and what her business looks like now with outsourcing
  • Overcoming hesitations to outsource and still meet your income goals
  • The hidden benefits of hiring someone to join your team and grow your business
  • Kim’s podcast management business goals for the future
  • Kim’s freedoms in her personal life since leaving the 9 to 5
  • The lack of confidence when starting a new endeavour and how to build it up
  • and, How to save and organize positive client feedback in order validate the great work you’ve done

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