Success Story: The courage to go for it with Allison Nitsch

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Today I am talking to Allison Nitsch about her journey from teacher to podcast manager. Allison shares her success story and encourages us to have the courage to go for it. She also shares how she went from overworked and stressed as a teacher to feeling fresh and having space to be there for her family and live the life she really wants to live.

Allison Nitsch discusses how she landed her first client, her business goal for the future, and where to find inspiration. We discuss overcoming the fear of change and taking the leap to freelance and working from home, and developing clarity for your business. Finally, we discuss having the guts to keep going and not give up.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Allison got her start working online
  • Overcoming the fear of changing careers and the appeal from working from home
  • How listening to podcasts can help you grow your business
  • How Allison landed her first podcast management client
  • Discovering a vision for you life and and your business
  • Developing clarity when planning your business focus
  • What Allison’s daily schedule looks like as a freelance podcast manager
  • Allison’s business goals for the future
  • Service providers vs selling digital content online
  • Having the guts to keep going and not give up
  • The most helpful pieces of the Podcast Manager Course for Allison
  • Using other successful podcast managers as inspiration to grow your business
  • and, Allison’s private podcast on how to launch a podcast

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