Success Story Update: How Kim’s business has grown in the last 18 months

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One thing I have noticed with so many successful podcast managers is that there is a turning point in their business when things really start to flow. I wanted to talk to more of these students to hear about this turning point, so that I could share it with you. Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, and the idea that it begins to flow at a certain point is something we want to learn about and have happen in our own businesses.

So with this in mind, today we are doing an update on a success story we released in April of 2022. That was Kim Parkinson’s story of how she went from being a craft store owner to a podcast manager. When we recorded that episode Kim had been a podcast manager for two years, and now we get to hear how her business has changed and morphed since we had that conversation. I ask her about her own turning point in her business when things really started to flow.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Kim’s catalyst and turning point in her business to go from a podcast manager to a podcast agency
  • What Kim outsources in her business and what she handles herself
  • Going the extra mile for the client vs setting business boundaries
  • The mindset shift needed to focus exclusively on podcast management
  • What Kim is able to do now that she couldn’t do before having her own home business
  • How many clients you can manage on your own working fulltime
  • What Kim would like to build in her business in the next six months
  • The many layers of podcast management and learning new skills on the job
  • and, The advice Kim would have loved to have when she first started out

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