How to take time off as a Podcast Manager

One of the hard parts of working for yourself is making sure that you have created a business model that allows you to take time off. It’s really easy to get into a hustle mindset where you feel like you always have to be working, or that you couldn’t possibly take a full week off because how would you get your work done?

In this episode, we are talking about how to take time off in your business from the podcast management perspective. Most podcasts release every single week and podcasters rarely take time off from their show schedule. This is great for generating consistent monthly recurring revenue, however, this means if you want to take time off, you really have to plan for it.

I really love talking about boundaries. Let me know what additional questions you have about how to take time off as a podcast manager, over on Instagram!

In this episode about how to take time off as a podcast manager, we cover:

  • The two different ways to take time off – Outsourcing your work, or working ahead
  • How to map out a schedule to get your work done ahead of schedule
  • How to encourage your clients to batch record their episodes
  • Setting boundaries by letting clients know what the last day is they can submit episodes to you
  • and, finding a friend or co-worker you can outsource work to so you can get ahead and help each other out for vacations or emergencies

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