These characteristics make a good podcast manager

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Are you wondering what makes a good Podcast Manager? Are you wondering if YOU have what it takes to be one? You do! There are a lot of things that go into a successful podcast management business, and everyone is different. Today I’m going to list a few of the characteristics that people who enjoy podcast management tend to have in common. I’ll also be discussing several strengths that help people be successful in this line of work, and how different qualities can benefit your business in different ways.

I have seen a lot of aspiring Podcast Managers come through my program and let me tell you, they are ALL different. Some are outgoing, some quiet, some with a lot of experience in the online space, and some with none. There is no one true recipe for being great at what you do, but a lot of your very own strengths will help you along the way. So let’s dig in and talk about how what makes you YOU can help your business!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The basic qualities you need to have to love your job
  • How to tell if you’re more suited to be an editor or a manager
  • Why life-long learning aren’t just buzz words
  • The CliftonStrengths assessment and why you should take it
  • How different strengths can lead to better shows and client retention
  • Why your personal characteristics may play into your business
  • and, how playing to our strengths will ensure enjoyable and sustainable work

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