Understanding podcast advertising with Heather Osgood

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If you don’t know much about podcast advertising, or you want to help your clients to monetize their podcast, this episode is for you. My guest today is Heather Osgood, the founder of True Native Media, a boutique podcast representation agency specializing in podcast advertising. We talk about common terms and types of advertising that can happen on a podcast, and what role a podcast manager can play in this podcast advertising space. We also discuss different approaches to podcast advertising, the benefits advertising can have (even with a small podcast), and the misconceptions podcasters have around advertising.

With an extensive background in radio advertising and love for podcasting, Heather was in a unique position to start an agency that could help both advertisers get better results and assist podcasters in finding sponsors. She is an influential voice in the podcast advertising space and has sold over 50K ads in the last five years. Heather is also the Podcast Moneymaker’s creator, a course designed for podcasters who want the formula, tools, and tactics to get advertisers in 6 weeks. She is the host of The Podcast Advertising Playbook, a show dedicated to educating anyone interested in podcast advertising.

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In this episode we cover:

  • The differences between radio ads and podcast ads
  • The influence of recommendations
  • Minimum download threshold needed to land paid sponsorships
  • Dynamic ad insertion vs embedded ads
  • How many ads should you place in each episode?
  • Programmatic advertising
  • The benefits of affiliate advertising
  • and, misconceptions that podcasters have around advertising

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