Understanding this will MAKE or BREAK your podcast management business!

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We are here today to talk about something that will make or break your podcast management business. In this episode I talk about our innate skills, strengths, and natural tendencies. How you can bring those into your podcast management business. And how you can spend more of your time feeling like you are in the flow and less like you’re on that uphill climb.

I also talk about how to find and recognize your strengths and natural tendencies and the best ways to implement them into your business. I share examples of other podcast managers with differing strengths, and the common traits all podcast managers need. I also share examples and talk about how to shine with skills that you already have, and how to make adaptations for the areas you struggle with.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Recognizing your skill strengths in your podcast management business
  • Using strategies from others that cater to your strengths and have flexibility
  • Clifton Strengths and tapping into your natural strengths and tendencies
  • Using your introverted personality as a superpower
  • How to shine on a Zoom strategy call when you feel like you can’t perform
  • How to shine as a strategist with data and analytics
  • The common strengths you need as a podcast manager: consistency, reliability, getting tasks done, positive attitude
  • Tweaking your business so you can tap more into your innate skills
  • Examples of different kinds of podcast managers that I see and their strengths
  • and, An exercise you can do to find your strengths and how to implement them into your business

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