Using LinkedIn to land clients in 2023 with Christine Gomolka

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Today we are diving in to how to land clients using LinkedIn in 2023 with my guest Christine Gomolka, a full-time freelance copywriter and creator of We discuss how Christine went from feeling trapped in a burnt out sales job to the freedom of freelance and working from home. She shares with us how to use LinkedIn to find high paying clients in thirty days through optimizing your profile, engaging with prospective clients, and cold-pitching. We also discuss how to find your freelance niche and the importance of following up on your pitches. Her tips and practical advice can help you utilize LinkedIn to find your ideal podcast management client.

A former sales professional and experienced sales trainer, Christine knows how to help introverted freelancers articulate their value and thrive. Her brand, The Paid Copywriter, offers resources to teach freelance business management to solopreneurs. Through her online course, podcast, YouTube channel, and newsletter, she offers all the tools and knowledge solopreneurs need to succeed. With over 20,000 global freelancers learning through her inspiring interviews, free resources, and workshops, she’s become the go-to freelance business mentor for anyone who dreams of escaping their 9-5.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Christine went from a burnt-out sales job to working freelance and online
  • How to use LinkedIn to find clients by revamping your profile, passive engaging, and cold-pitching
  • A big mistake to avoid when setting up your LinkedIn profile
  • Choosing your freelance niche using your prior work experience and background
  • Finding and landing high-paying clients on LinkedIn in 1-3 months
  • Why choosing your ideal clients and your niche is so important for success in your freelance career
  • The advantages of LinkedIn to find ideal clients over other social media platforms
  • Making connections to prospective clients and warm pitching vs cold pitching
  • Changing your mindset around selling as business owners
  • How to expand your network and connecting with clients on LinkedIn through personalization and transparency
  • The importance of following up and when to move on from an unresponsive pitch
  • and, Christine’s guide and free downloads to using LinkedIn to find clients in 2023

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