Using Pinterest to market your client’s podcast with Anna Huff

My guest today is Anna Huff. Anna is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist and Educator, who helps content creators leverage the power of Pinterest to increase their visibility and grow their email list. In today’s episode, Anna is going to teach us how to use Pinterest to market our client’s podcast. This is all about leveraging our show notes. How we can use show notes to provide our client a greater reach and repurpose their podcast on Pinterest. Anna goes into a lot of detail on, the best way to do this, how many pins to create or each episode on Pinterest.

Anna Huff is a former teacher turned home decor blogger turned Pinterest strategist. She is the mom of three kids (two boys and a girl) and is married to her college sweetheart. Though she’s been on Pinterest from it’s beginning, she was first introduced to it as a marketing platform after she launched her blog in 2017. Pinterest quickly became the top referral of traffic to her site and continues to exponentially grow her blog. She believes every entrepreneur should have the opportunity to leverage the power of Pinterest for their marketing and is on a mission to help more of them do just that.

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In this episode about Pinterest for podcasts, we cover:

  • Anna’s story about how she went from being a teacher to becoming a Pinterest manager
  • How to use Pinterest for podcasts as part of your marketing strategy
  • The best ways to reuse your show notes on Pinterest and creating pins for your episodes
  • How a Pinterest pin can continue to get traction, long term
  • What metrics to track in order to make sure Pinterest is worth your time
  • How to promote your free opt in or product through Pinterest
  • and, how keywords are the backbones of Pinterest and the importance of keyword research

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