What is the future of podcast management?

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The podcast space is changing at a speed never seen before, especially with the introduction of AI. How will AI affect your position in the podcasting world? Is it something to fear or embrace? Today I discuss what podcast management could look like in the next five years. I talk about two of the ways podcast management could change in the future, and some changes we have already been through and how we have adapted. I also talk about how a winning mindset will set you up for success, embracing change, and how to implement AI into your business while adding value for your clients.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The speed of changes in podcast management
  • Making the choice to adapt and having a winning and growth mindset
  • Using AI to our advantage and implementing AI into your business
  • Filling gaps created by AI with more value for your client
  • Possible growth of networks and ads for smaller podcast shows
  • The importance of the human touch and human management
  • Adapting to podcast saturation and helping clients start a GREAT podcast
  • Using the trend of short form video to promote long-form content
  • and, Getting excited about the future of podcasting and embracing change

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