What to do if networking feels hard

In today’s episode, we are talking about what to do when networking feels hard. This topic came to my attention, through my free Facebook group and I was surprised to see that many of you found networking difficult. So, I wanted to do a full episode on this topic in order to share with you three tips to make networking easier and more effective.

I am going to share with you tips on how to focus, how to be strategic and how to check your mindset. By the end of this episode, your networking strategy plan will be easier and more effective.

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In this episode about networking, we cover:

  • How to focus your attention on one strategy at a time and how to not get distracted
  • How to be strategic with networking and how to create your Time Study
  • The importance of simplifying in your networking strategy
  • Checking your mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs and having faith that you are in the right place
  • and, my two words of the year for 2021

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