What to do if you aren’t landing clients as a podcast manager

Do you struggle with landing clients as a podcast manager? You are not alone! Today I’m talking about the reasons you may not be landing clients and walking through what you might be doing wrong in the process of landing new clients.

If you haven’t landed your first client yet, today I’m going to help you gain confidences as you move into your new role as a podcast manager. There are many variable at play and we’re going to walk through many of those steps in this episode. Remember, we are all on our own path and if you are struggling to find clients, do your research to reverse engineer your process and see what changes you may need to make.

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In this episode about landing clients, we cover:

  • How to land clients as a new podcast manager
  • Why you can’t rely on only referrals
  • The importance of networking and building relationships to land clients
  • How to network effectively and consistently
  • What to use as your storefront if you don’t have a website (yet)
  • Why creating a portfolio is more beneficial than having a poorly designed website
  • The purpose of a discovery call
  • and, are you excited about what you are offering to potential clients?

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